Maintenance / After care

Our models are unique pieces made by hand.

Treat them with care:
- To hand-wash
- Do not rub the fibers or twist them
- Dry flat (in the open air)
- Do not iron
- Do not hang so as not to deform the models
After wearing your pieces several times, you may eventually see "plush" appear. They are caused by friction. Don't panic, you can remove them easily with scissors or a razor blade. Be careful to cut only the fluff and not the wool.

Our creations are Handmade, they are unique.
Please carefully handle:
- Hand wash
- Do not rub or twist the fibers
- Air dry flat
- Do not iron
- Do not hang to prevent stretching
After a while and a couple of wears you may see a few "bobbles" appear on your hook. This is a natural process and happens due to friction. Do not panic, they are easy to remove. You can use a razor blade or a pair of scissors to cut them. Please be careful and do not cut the yarn.
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